Friday Links #334

Programming Vulnerability announced: update your Git clients Is WebGL the technology of the future? What’s AexolGL? dstore How To Automatically Change Passwords With New Lastpass And Dashlane Features Skeleton: Responsive CSS Boilerplate Gravify CSS-Only Loaders...

Indoor Rowing

Over the years, I’ve tried several exercise regimens with varying results. Running - Great while it lasted but my knees went bust in my late 20’s. Cycling - At one time I rode 22 miles...

Markdown Edit 1.0.2

Minor update: Add keyboard shortcuts to Recent Files dialog Fix bugs in Find/Replace Fix syntax highlighting bug for referenced links GitHub Release: https://github.com/mike-ward/Markdown-Edit/releases/tag/V1.0.2.0 Available on the Downloads Page

Friday Links #333

Programming mahapps.metro - Version 1.0.0 released [Text Based Adventure Games with Node.js The Jackal of Javascript](http://thejackalofjavascript.com/text-based-adventure-games) [C# 6 in action Jon Skeet’s coding blog](http://codeblog.jonskeet.uk/2014/12/08/c-6-in-action/) sindresorhus/got Google’s Android Studio now available, ready for your app creations...

VSColorOutput for Visual Studio 2015 Preview

I updated the VSColorOutput installer a while back to allow installation on the Visual Studio 2015 preview. The binaries have not changed. As far as I can tell it works about as well as it...

Markdown Edit 1.0.1

One Big Change and a Couple of Smaller Ones Switched to using a standard Windows installer (.msi). This has some long term benefits and plays better in corporate environments. The downside is that you’ll have...

Friday Links #332

Programming cssplot min Duktape ericleong/zoomwall.js filamentgroup/shoestring ProgressBar.js - Progress bars with JavaScript gajus/contents NoMe » location and weather JavaScript library gist-it.appspot.com - Embed files from a github repository like a gist skatejs/skatejs nullobject/fkit verb -...

Markdown Edit 1.0

The venerable 1.0 release is here. Markdown Edit is a free Windows desktop editor for creating Markdown documents. More information can be found at Markdown Edit. Available on the Downloads Page

Friday Links #331

Programming [What’s So Great About Bower? CSS-Tricks](http://css-tricks.com/whats-great-bower/) DailyJS: Mermaid: Like Markdown for Diagrams interact.js - JavaScript drag and drop, resizing and gestures with inertia and snapping IE Web Development Support Moving to Stack Overflow BillWagner...

Markdown Edit - Beta 2

Version 0.2.7 is the last scheduled beta of Markdown Edit. This version is mostly bug fixes and other refinements. I did slip in a few new goodies. Ctrl+Shif+N opens a new instance Fixed bugs in...
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