Tweetz 2.0 Beta

Tweetz is a windows desktop client for twitter. It started out as a Windows Gadget application and migrated to a desktop application when Microsoft discontinued gadgets. Tweetz is intentionally minimal and meant to sit near the edge of your monitor. I use it to monitor news events and follow other developers.

Stop talking and let me download it fool!

Version 2.0 is a rewrite using the newest version of .NET, .NET Core 3.1. The main benefit is that there is no longer a need to have the .NET runtime installed. Tweetz is open source on GitHub at https://github.com/mike-ward/tweetz.

There a many enhancements and fixes in this version. The interface has been refined to address some of the requests users have asked for. Perhaps the the most notable difference is the inclusion of embedded content. Tweetz scrapes the content of embedded links and displays a summary of the content in a fashion similar to twitter.

Other enhancements include:

  • Upload up to 4 images per tweet
  • Reweets with comments
  • Image viewer improvements
  • Inline Retweet, Like and Follower counts
  • Hide profile images option
  • Pause timeline updates when scrolled
  • Scrolling improvements
  • Mouse over user information

Several users have been testing the program since the first alpha. They have uncovered what I hope are most of the bugs. Tweetz should be stable and ready for daily use.

Obligatory screen shot:

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