Markdown Edit 1.0.1

One Big Change and a Couple of Smaller Ones

  • Switched to using a standard Windows installer (.msi). This has some long term benefits and plays better in corporate environments. The downside is that you’ll have to manually uninstall the 1.0 version which used a different installer technology. Sorry for the inconvenience. The good news (sort of) is not many of you downloaded 1.0.
  • Added an Insert File command (Ctrl+Shift+O). I was toying with adding template documents but concluded inserting a file was more flexible.
  • Upgraded to MahApps.Metro 1.0. This is the UI library that gives Markdown Edit its modern look.

I’m still waiting on my Chocolatey submission. I expect it to go live in the next couple of days.

Road Map

  • Convert HTML to Markdown - This will allow insert/drag-drop an HTML file into the editor.
  • Recent files shortcuts - Add shortcuts (1..0,a..j) to the “Recent Files” dialog.
  • Review documents - A way to quickly review a directory of markdown files.
  • Multiple files - It won’t use tabs. Something more keyboard centric.
  • Format tables - If/when CommonMark adopts table markdown, I’ll add a helper to quickly define tables.

I would really like to add a grammar checker to the editor. Grammarly has an API, but only for, “High Volume Customers.” I haven’t seen anything else in terms of a .NET library or on-line service with API. Ping me if you know of something.

Anything else?

Oh, and don’t forget to send me some themes.

Available on the Downloads Page

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