Markdown Edit 1.1.0 Released

Version 1.1.0 is all about the keyboard.


Snippets allow the quick insertion of words or phrases by typing a trigger word and then the TAB key. This can improve the speed and proficiency of writing documents.

Snippets are inserted by typing a trigger-word and then the TAB key. For instance, type date+TAB. The word date is replaced by the current date and time.

To define additional snippets press F6.

Snippets consist of a single line starting with:

  • a single trigger word (can include non alpha-numerics)
  • one or more spaces
  • text that will replace the trigger word

Here’s a simple one I often use:

sig   Mike Ward

There are special keywords that can be used in snippets.

  • $END$ - Sets the cursor position after insertion
  • $DATE$ - Insert the current date and time.
  • $DATE("format")$ - Inserts a date with the given format. See http://www.dotnetperls.com/datetime-format for a list of support formats.
  • \n - insert a new line

Custom Key Bindings

Press F10 to edit the key bindings. Make your changes and save. The changes take affect immediately.

Other Changes

  • Changed the inline code block and link highlighting in the Paper theme.
  • Bold, Italic and Inline Code Block shortcuts will automatically select the current word if there is no selection
  • RemoveF5 date insertion in favor of snippets
  • Add syntax highlighting for lists
  • Bug fixes


  • Try using “Century Gothic” if installed. I think it’s one of the best fonts for text editing.
  • Indent your lists 2 spaces. They wrap nicely and look better in plain text.
  • Use `F12’ to turn off preview and focus on just writing text.
  • Most settings are saved in plain text files making them easy to share with others.

Available on the Downloads Page

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