Markdown Edit Roadmap

It’s a new year and time to make some plans for the year ahead.

I’ve posted a roadmap of features/development for Markdown Edit at https://github.com/mike-ward/Markdown-Edit/wiki.


Other things I’m contemplating:

  • VSColorOutput - I plan to solve the color issues (especially in dark themes). This will be a frustrating job since it requires Microsoft either fixing issues or helping me work around those issues. I plan to eliminate the color settings in the dialog and go to just a plain text file. Plain text files can be shared and are easy to grok (for programmers at least).
  • Desk Drive - Desk Drive to go open source with no monetization offers in the installer. Revenue has dropped to the point where it’s not valuable to do this.
  • Move to WIX installers - Markdown Edit uses WIX already. WIX installers are more robust. Not that I’ve had many issues with installers, but every little bit helps.
  • Add Chocolatey installers for the other products.

As always, feel free to make suggestions about products and features.

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