Friday Links #265


Introduction to Topcoat
Bootstrap 3 RC2 · Bootstrap Blog

Need LINQ but Writing JavaScript?
8 Windows Live Writer tips - Jon Galloway
Valid JavaScript variable names · Mathias Bynens
jQuery Mobile 1.4.0 Alpha 2 released | jQuery Mobile
Using an AngularJS Factory to Interact with a RESTful Service
Everyone can build an app – introducing Windows Phone App Studio beta
3 new programming languages to watch - Adam Bard and his magical blog
Implementing a SignalR Stock Ticker Using AngularJS: Part1 | Architects Zone


5 Awesome Reasons To Use Google Forms
5 Awesome Ways to Use Your Smartphone When Cycling
Yahoo Weather Finally Brings Its New, Beautiful Interface to Android
Official Blog: Just ask Google for your flights, reservations, package delivery info and more

Science and Technology

A magnetar at the heart of our Milky Way
Carbyne: a Form of Carbon Even Stronger Than Graphene - Slashdot

On the Web

9 More Mind-Blowing WebGL Demos
If this Bolivian man is really 123, he’s the oldest person on record
Can The Cheap Blu Dash 4.5 Android Smartphone Compare With The Nexus 4?
Facebook to Test Its Own PayPal Competitor in Bid to Simplify Mobile Purchases

Stuff I Just Like

Watch This Bicycle Go 80 MPH
Area 51 No Longer (Officially) a Secret - Slashdot
Companion Bike Seat makes “doubling” easier

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