Friday Links #266


Beware the string
Superspeed your angularjs apps
Building an AngularJS Dialog Service
Divshot - Bootstrap 3 Interface Builder
AngularJS Code Snippets for Visual Studio
NProgress: slim progress bars in JavaScript
Smart Software: Anders On C# 6.0 at BUILD 2013
Chrome DevTools Revolutions 2013 - HTML5 Rocks
Compare Durandal to Angular, Not Knockout to Angular
Using an AngularJS Factory to Interact with a RESTful Service
The big change in Bootstrap 3 that no one’s talking about » Encosia
Making the internet a better place | Blog - Enabling CORS in Angular JS


Chrome Gets a New Settings Reset Button, Improved Omnibox
Google Chromecast Review - The race is on to wirelessly throw video to your TV - Scott Hanselman

Science and Technology

MIT finds exoplanet with an 8.5-hour year
New drug mimics the beneficial effects of exercise
Someone beat the Vikings into the North Atlantic by 500 years
Chromebooks get “immersive mode” and smarter launcher | TechHive
NHTSA Gives the Model S Best Safety Rating of Any Car In History - Slashdot

On the Web

[Credit Card Skimming Credit Card Skimmers - Consumer Reports News](http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2013/08/credit-card-skimming-at-gas-pumps/index.htm)  
[Visualize London’s Underground With This Mesmerizing Interactive 3-D Map Autopia Wired.com](http://www.wired.com/autopia/2013/08/london-underground-3d-map/)

Stuff I Just Like

Make a No-Kill Spider Catching Device
How To Kiss A Girl Back In 1911 [Infographic]
CouchBunker conceals a gun safe beneath bullet-resistant cushions
The Bullet Journal Productivity Method Empowers Your Paper Notebook

Favorite Tweets

I’ll know I’ve been out-geeked when someone can read my QR code tattoo without scanning it. – Jessica Kerr

My title is Sustaining Engineer. I delete other people’s code. – FooManchu

Microsoft has to go thru the motions so the inhouse execs think they have a shot, but you know they’re going with Ben Afleck. – Michael Swaine

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