Friday Links #260


slugg.js· GitHub
LINQ Extensions Library – Home
AngularJS vs Ember - Evil Trout’s Blog
The Big List of Flat Icons & Icon Fonts | CSS-Tricks
Animate.css - a bunch of plug-and-play CSS animations
Microsoft Wins Mobile Design Battle, Loses War - Forbes
Extending HTML with AngularJS Directives – CodeProject
Microsoft delivers biggest update to date to TypeScript | ZDNet
FREE Metro Light and Dark Themes for WPF and Silverlight Microsoft Controls - Brian Lagunas
Going native: Why a veteran web developer finally turned to OS-native apps — Tech News and Analysis


AdBlock Plus Available for Internet Explorer
RedReader: A Better Way To Browse Reddit [Android]
Gmail’s Organized Inbox is a life changer | A Whole Lotta Nothing
5 Awesome Windows 8 Apps That Will Make You Love Modern UI
Use Facebook’s Mobile Site for a Faster, Battery-Friendly Facebook

Science and Technology

Wi-Fi Light Bulbs Shipping Soon
Porsche’s $900 Go-Kart … for kids only!
Tesla shows off 90-second battery swap system
Emopulse Smile SmartWatch goes up for pre-order
Super-Hydrophobic Spray Makes All Your Stuff Liquid-Proof
Ancient Roman Concrete Is About To Revolutionize Modern Architecture

On the Web

Download Files from the Web Directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive
Walt Mossberg Tests Two New Laptop Batteries - Walt Mossberg - Personal Technology – AllThingsD
Digg’s Google Reader replacement beta opens on June 26th, friends and family get access on the 19th

Stuff I Just Like

Rac-Em-Bac puts a bullet in your bow
Infographic: The History of Programming Languages
Robot dominates air hockey, adapts to opponents’ playing style
Neil deGrasse Tyson on Your Ego and the Cosmic Perspective | Brain Pickings
Official Blog: “You’ve come a long way, Baby”: remembering the world’s first stored program computer

Favorite Tweets

Nicholas C. Zakas - Man, I love Mondays…nope, doesn’t feel right saying that. Just wanted to try it out.

Shelby White - I’m gonna get a tattoo that says ‘Helvetica’, written in Arial. When a woman corrects me on it, I will marry her.

thisispointless - Going to Microsoft Build. I’m tired of sitting here and being told nothing about MS strategy. I’d rather be told nothing about it in person.

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