Friday Links #259


DailyJS: AngularJS and SVG
Visual Studio 2013 Updates
Simple Unit Tests With AngularJS
AngularJS Tests With An HTTP Mock
AngularJS 1.2 and Beyond – YouTube
Why You Should Learn Node.js Today
Colourco.de - find your colour scheme
Functors, Applicatives, And Monads In Pictures - adit.io
Construction destruction | Fabulous Adventures In Coding
Releasing my ReSharper Course Material | RasmusKL’s Blog
23 Different Values vs. Underscore.js is* Functions | the pluralsight blog
Pro Tip - Show File in Solution Explorer with Resharper - Jakub Chodounsky
My Approach To Building AngularJS Directives That Bind To JavaScript Events
ZipApp – Create your own Windows 8 App without any coding!- MSDN Blogs


A Better Twitter Bookmarklet
How To Optimize SSD Speed & Performance
Tip: Using Notepad++ to read log files ~ Helper Code
Primg Is the Simplest Way to Prepare Photos for Printing
Sunset Lets You Use Your Phone Without Losing Your Night Vision
Hell freezes over: Microsoft Office Mobile arrives for iOS | Ars Technica

Science and Technology

How Do You Move An Entire Bridge? | Popular Science
U.S. Supreme Court Rules On Gene Patents | Popular Science

Hard Times for Theorists in a Post-Higgs World | Physics | Science News

New kind of variable star discovered: Minute variations in brightness reveal whole new class of stars

On the Web

Getting healthy just got a little easier
A Tablet That Doubles as a Desktop, or Vice Versa - NYTimes.com

Asus launches Memo Pad HD7, a Nexus 7 with a rear camera for $129 | The Verge

Stuff I Just Like

Ice Sheets
Cool Tools – Celestron FirstScope
Clipless attaches your iPhone directly to your clothes
Mudguard comes off and rolls up when the roads are dry
The Shield Of Superman: The Evolution Of An Icon [Infographic]

S.H.O.V.E.L. Feeds You, Cuts Things, Opens Bottles, and Is Open Source

Favorite Tweets

Steve Smith - Remember: Death is just around the coroner.

Chad Myers - I had a problem, so I copy/pasted some code, I’ve got two problems got two problems

GonzoHacker - ‏If you can’t express that thought as an animated gif then what is the point in thinking it?

Alan Northam- Who does Apple think they’re fooling? The new Mac Pro is obviously a ripoff of Microsoft’s Surface Pro. It’s black.

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