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As many of you already know, Microsoft killed the gadget platform in Windows 8 because they wanted to make the new Metro applications as awesome as possible (yeah, right). Tweetz Desktop is the reincarnation of tweetz, the gadget (RIP).

Tweetz Desktop is alpha quality software at this point so expect bugs and features that don’t work. It should handle most of the day to day tasks although there will be times when you’ll have to fall back to the web site (Blocking, reporting spam, etc.)

Usage notes.

You can resize vertically by moving you mouse over the bottom of the gadget. It’s a small hit target. That’s by design.

There’s only one color scheme. More may come but it’s not a priority.

You can not resize the application horizontally.

The streaming API is not operational at this point. The application polls once every minute. Polling more quickly buys you nothing because twitter rate-limits requests to 15 per 15 minute window.

The application will expire 3 months from now. Subsequent builds will have the same 3 month timeout. When the application is deemed stable and viable, I’ll start charging a licensing fee. Feedback on what you would be wiling to pay will help determine the price.

That’s it for now. Hopefully the features are self-evident and discoverable. It not, then tell me how I can improve it.

Tweetz Desktop requires the latest version of .NET. Download it at: http://smallestdotnet.com/

Download: tweetz5.exe

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