Friday Links #91


Quirks in dot NET Part 1 | Thycotic Software Ltd. | Team Blog
Jeff Wilcox – Column guides for Visual Studio 2010: An extension
Lester’s WPF blog : XAML Power toys add-in for VS2010
Is it possible to consume .asmx with jQuery (POST method, not JSON)? - ASP.NET Forums
MEF instead of PRISM for Silverlight 3 Part 2 of 2: Region Management
Dan Rigsby » XmlSerializer vs DataContractSerializer: Serialization in Wcf
Thread Diagnostics - Performance Tuning with the Concurrency Visualizer in Visual Studio 2010
Daniel Cazzulino’s Blog : How to quickly setup the best free Diff/Merge tool with VS 2010
1 Simple Step for Commanding in Silverlight - Christopher Bennage


FlightGear Flight Simulator
Prezi - The zooming presentation editor
Notepad2 Free Download and Reviews – Fileforum (recently upgraded)

Science and Technology

World’s Most Sensitive Neutrino Experiment Launches, To Seek Answers About Matter’s Origins
NASA’s Project M Puts Scientists’ Avatars On the Moon | Popular Science
NASA Finds Millions of Tons of Water Ice in Lunar Craters, No Moon Bombing Necessary | Popular Science

On the Web

After Digital Switch, Basic TV Offers Cable Alternative : NPR
Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Buzzword: What makes a TV “3D-ready”?
The Man Behind MacGyver: Swiss Army Knife or Duct Tape?

Stuff I Just Dig

Video: In Attempt at True VTOL, F-35 Makes Shortest, Slowest Landing Yet | Popular Science
I’m Sad Speed Skiing Isn’t an Olympic Sport | Popular Science
Apple Sues the World for Patent Infringement

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