Friday Links #80


Visual Studio 2010 Regex Editor - Regular Expression Visual Studio Add-In
Did it with .NET - Improve Your C#! Borrow from F#…
LINQ query operators and null lists - Jimmy Bogard


NatGeo Downloader Grabs National Geographic Wallpapers Without Command-Line Hassle – Lifehacker
Immunet’s free cloud antivirus for Windows steadily gaining users

Science and the Environment

Nissan LEAF (almost) test ride, impressions, and the LEAF tour
Has Dark Matter Finally Been Detected On Earth? | Popular Science
Single-atom transistor discovered
IEEE Spectrum: Robo-Air Blower Makes Ping-Pong Balls, Apples Defy Gravity
“Magic” null argument testing - Jon Skeet: Coding Blog

On the Web

Google Does Its Own Dictionary Definitions - Dictionary – Lifehacker
Google Chrome Extensions
Repair a Broken Ethernet Plug
Google launches Living Story pages
Official Google Blog: Faster apps for a faster web: introducing Speed Tracer
Google Docs Finally Makes It Easy to Download All Your Documents
Remains of the Day: A Day in the Internet is Mindblowing Edition - Remainders - Lifehacker

Stuff I Just Like

It’s About Time: Power Plug Wall Sockets WIth USB Ports Built In | Popular Science
Toolmonger » Blog Archive » It’s Just Cool: Folding Chairs
The Science Behind Jabulani, Adidas’s 2010 World Cup Soccer Ball | Popular Science
How Dangerous Is It to Read on the Toilet? | Curious? Read
Virgin Galactic unveils rocket plane thrill ride | The Space Shot - CNET News
Santa’s sleigh: Researcher explains science of Christmas magic

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