Desk Drive Testimonials

Part of the fun of writing programs is hearing about the unique and interesting ways they get used. Here’s an example:

I work as an automation services assistant, which is just a fancy term for IT tech, at the Rochester Public Library in Rochester, MN. A library environment presents some unique challenges. We have computers available for use by the general public, and those computers have to be easy to use. However, for obvious reasons, they also have to be extremely secure. The security aspect is frustrating for some of the patrons because they don’t always understand why we can’t allow them to access files and programs, etc. the way they do at home. To help alleviate some of that confusion, we prefer to have everything patrons are allowed to use available directly from the desktop.

Before we used Desk Drive, our librarians spent a good portion of their time acting as interactive instruction manuals for accessing and saving files from the public workstations. Many of the patrons who use our computers are elderly or otherwise technologically challenged. Having drives that mount to the desktop when inserted makes finding and saving to the media much more intuitive. Additionally, even tech savvy users appreciate the convenience of having access to their flash drives right from the desktop. Desk Drive allows our librarians to spend more time being librarians and it allows the patrons easy and convenient access to their files, which makes life easier for all involved. When the librarians and patrons are content, it makes life easier for the IT staff.

Automation Services Assistant
Rochester Public Library
Rochester, MN

It’s fun to hear that my little program has had a positive impact. Anyone else have some cool Desk Drive stories to share?

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