Sara Ford on Deep Fried Bytes

A friend of mine turned me on to the cool and casual programmer podcast Deep Fried Bytes recently. I like the format and their guests seem to enjoy the it as well. In episode 15, Keith and Woody interview Sara Ford of Microsoft fame. She publishes a blog with daily tips about Microsoft Visual Studio. She also recently posted a collection of these tips in her new Microsoft Press book “Microsoft Visual Studio Tips.” I cross link the better tips in my regular Friday Links series.

Her favorite tip? It’s one I never heard of but it’s definitely a keeper.

Options dialog in Visual Studio

Simply put, if you happen to click Ctrl+C on a blank line, it will ignore it and preserve the contents the paste buffer. That could of saved me like about 2,000 mistypes in the last couple of years. Well now you know. And do check out the podcast.


P.S. – I just noticed that the MIME type on the Calendar Gadget skin files is wrong. Downloads are appending an HTML document onto the end of the file which spoils the file. You can fix it manually by opening the .cgs file in notepad and removing the offending bits at the end of file (everything after the /Skin tag). I’ll get to fixing the MIME issue later tonight.

Darn Mimes!

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