Markdown Edit 1.8.2 - Parlez-vous francais?

Markdown Edit’s first translation (French) is now available. Want to provide a translation? It’s easy. Here’s how. Available on the Downloads Page.

Friday Links #359

Programming The State of SVG Animation : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog Heat Margin Visual Studio Extension - Taking the Green/Yellow to the next level Bundling, minification and client-side compilation [Easy AngularJS Forms with angular-formly Scotch](https://scotch.io/tutorials/easy-angularjs-forms-with-angular-formly)...

Friday Links #358

Programming Predictions on JavaScript in the next 12 months astoilkov/console.message De Stijl: How necessary are var, let, and const? Programming Concepts Help: Best Resources to Learn JavaScript ItemSlide.js - JavaScript touch carousel Is ReactJS faster...

Markdown Edit 1.8

One of the fun things about a project like http://mike-ward.net/markdownedit/ is the endless amount of tweaking one can do. Just about the time I think I’m done with it, someone suggests a new feature or...

Friday Links #357

Programming kolodny/nip Windows App Studio Beta Now Supports Windows 10 Insider Preview - Thurrott.com [True Hash Maps in JavaScript Ryan Morr](http://ryanmorr.com/true-hash-maps-in-javascript/) [Angular 1.4.0 - jaracimrman-existence AngularJS](http://angularjs.blogspot.com/2015/05/angular-140-jaracimrman-existence.html) WebPack For Visual Studio Developers -Telerik Developer Network CommonMark...

Friday Links #356

Programming [Sites for Browsing Type Pairings CSS-Tricks](https://css-tricks.com/sites-for-browsing-type-pairings/) [Sites with High Quality Photos You Can Use for Free CSS-Tricks](https://css-tricks.com/sites-with-high-quality-photos-you-can-use-for-free/) Reacting to feedback, common issues, and our first update wbkd/d3-extended C# Futures: Method Contracts We have a...

Friday Links #355

Programming Jet Radiant Bgphoto DuoCode | Try DuoCode in your browser! Alive - Live Coding for Visual Studio SVG as a submit button :: Jakub Chodounský :: The diary of a software developer Getting started...

Markdown Edit 1.7 Released

What’s new: Format selected text. If none, selected, format document. Add option to change full-screen behavior (IngnoreTaskbarOnMaximize) Suggest file name on save as for when Jekyll post detected. That’s it for this release. I’m still...

Friday Links #354

Programming An Introduction to the Futuristic New Router in AngularJS Microsoft releases RoomAlive toolkit: go build your holodeck - SlashGear Localytics Engineering Blog // Better Asynchronous JavaScript API Convergence Gets Real in Windows 10 –...

Markdown Edit 1.6 - Ready to Translate

Markdown Edit is ready for translations. The interface and features have stabilized to the point where I can allow crowd-sourced translations. To translate, find the program’s Languages folder (\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\MarkdownEdit\Languages\). There you will find a folder...
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