Markdown Edit 1.8

One of the fun things about a project like http://mike-ward.net/markdownedit/ is the endless amount of tweaking one can do. Just about the time I think I’m done with it, someone suggests a new feature or I read an article that inspires some new thinking.

Many of the new features in this release are inspired directly from Brett Terpstra’s, http://brettterpstra.com/2012/05/06/my-ultimate-markdown-editor-wishlist/ article.

So what’s new?

  • Alt+Up,Alt+Down moves the current line/selection up or down. Great for reordering lists. Much faster than cut/paste.
  • Ctrl+L converts the current selection to an unordered list. Press it again and it becomes an ordered list. Press it again and it becomes an unordered list Press it again and you’re a software tester.
  • Ctrl+Q converts a selection/line to a block quote. Press multiple times to further block quote.
  • Alt+F formats the current selection/document. Not a new feature but the converter now adheres to http://commonmark.org standard. Alt+Shift+F to unwrap and format.
  • Format on save. Saves you a couple of presses if that’s your thing.
  • Default theme changed to Zenburn. Reviewers’ screen shots look better using the darker theme.
  • Removed the user configurable keyboard bindings. They kept getting in my way during development and slowed down program startup. Sorry if this impacts you but they were just more trouble than I anticipated.

There are other ideas in Brett’s article like link pasting, auto-complete link references, etc., that I’ll be implementing in future versions.

Available on the http://mike-ward.net/downloads/

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