Markdown Edit 1.6 - Ready to Translate

Markdown Edit is ready for translations. The interface and features have stabilized to the point where I can allow crowd-sourced translations.

To translate, find the program’s Languages folder (\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\MarkdownEdit\Languages\). There you will find a folder called en. This is the source English version. There are two files, local.txt and help.md. Both require translations.

local.txt contains name value pairs. The first part (left of the colon) is an identifier - don’t change it. The text to the right of colon is what needs to be translated.

help.md is the help file. This file needs to be translated up to the About section. Everything beyond the About section is license related and should not be changed.

You’ll need to create a folder under the Languages folder. The folder is named using a two-letter ISO language identifier. Place your translated files in that folder. Start Markdown Edit and confirm that the text appears as you intend.

You can either send me the translated files by email or create a pull request on GitHub.

This release includes a few other fixes/features:

  • Editor did not have initial focus on startup
  • Program startup time improvements
  • Installed in local user folder
  • Simplified installer

Moving the program to the user AppData folder allows for installation without having administrative privileges.

While Markdown Edit is not slow to start, I’m always looking for ways to improve this aspect. The goal, although likely not achievable, is to have Markdown Edit launch as fast as Notepad.

Available on the Downloads Page.

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