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Google does a great job at key word searches but it is less adept at answering questions like the follow: What time is it at Google Headquarters? Is Jennifer Lopez single? Who wrote the Principia...

The World’s Longest Second

Why must every Microsoft tool take 20 minutes to uninstall and leave you with no feed back other than this: It’s next to useless and totally misleading. Flame off…

FreeSnap 1.4 Released

FreeSnap 1.4 is available for download. New features include incremental size, a configuration file for settings, 64 bit support and a help dialog. The help dialog is a handy reference for all the keyboard shortcuts....

Visual Studio Code Cleanup Macro

Visual Studio has an automation model that enables extensive customization. Mostly, I rely on the built in services since they meet most of my needs. However, there are a few routine things I do when...

Friday Links #19

[Slashdot Studies Say Ideology Trumps Facts](http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/09/25/036232&from=rss) – Why am I not surprised? Sara Ford’s WebLog : Matt’s Snippet Designer finally sees the light of day! – I always wondered how those Microsoft guys put all...

Singletons Revisited

Earlier I wrote about how easy it was to write thread-safe, lazily constructed singletons in C#. To recap: sealed class Singleton { static Singleton() { } public static readonly Singleton Instance = new Singleton(); Singleton()...

Friday Links #18

[Make Beautiful Online Presentations With Sliderocket MakeUseOf.com](Make Beautiful Online Presentations With Sliderocket MakeUseOf.com (http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/ make-beautiful-online- presentations-with- sliderocket/)) - Web app that allows you to do pretty much everything you can hope to do with a...

Moore’s Law Illustrated

This is a cool illustration of Moore’s law. Unfortunately, Moore’s law can not out run Wirth’s law. “Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster.” And people say I’m an optimist.

The Definitive C# Singleton

It’s looks like it’s not thread safe but the framework actually guarantees that it is. // .NET Singleton sealed class Singleton { static Singleton() {} // required to make lazy private Singleton() {} public static...

Friday Links #17

The Weekly Source Code 33 - Microsoft Open Source inside Google Chrome – Scott Hanselman’s regular column examines Google’s new Chrome browser and notes the extensive use of the Windows Template Library. Gallio - Automation...
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