Friday Links #103

Programming [Heartysoft.com Anonymous Types are Internal, C# 4.0 Dynamic Beware!](http://www.heartysoft.com/post/2010/05/26/anonymous-types-c-sharp-4-dynamic.aspx) Applications Official Google Blog: Evolving from beta to stable with a faster version of Chrome Science and Technology [Air Force’s Hypersonic X-51 WaveRider Ready For...

Tweetz 2.3.4

The service tweetz uses to do reverse lookups of shortened urls (http://long.to) has been abandoned as of today. This version is using a new service (http://longurl.org) to resolve reverse lookups of shortened urls. Also, a...

Tweetz 2.3.3

Some more minor but important fixes. Hash tags – Looks like I didn’t quite get it right in the last release. Hopefully, I’ve got it this time. Retweet setting – Native retweet setting was not...

Friday Links #102

Programming OpenWrap – A Package Management System for .NET Final Release of Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Copying Files Over Remote Desktop Ajaxian » Speech Recognition with Javascript; speechapi.com Adventures in MVVM –...

Tweetz 2.3.2

One minor and one major bug fixed. The minor bug was that #hash tags with non alpha-numeric’s including accented characters were not highlighted and linked correctly. The major bug was a memory leak. I think...

Friday Links #101

Programming Moo4q Home - MooTools Object Oriented Programming for jQuery Applications inSSIDer Wi-Fi Scanner | MetaGeek myPaint – A Free Painting Application With Photoshop-Like Features 5 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Writers and Bloggers Science and...

Friday Links #100

Programming The WiX toolset’s “Remember Property” pattern. - RobMensching.com Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – Refactoring a Game - Matthew Podwysocki Framework 4.0: System.Tuple : Sam Gentile’s Blog Eloquent JavaScript is an interactive,...

Friday Links #99

Sorry for the late post. I had a speaking engagement this weekend which consumed more time than I expected. Programming Expressive Code: Good Variable Names Instead Of Magic Values And Calculations - new ThoughtStream Episode...

tweetz 2.3.1

Fixed a bug where the options dialog sometimes causes a fault (a.k.a. crash). Available on the downloads page.

tweetz 2.3 – Redux

I’m reintroducing version 2.3. The last release was a bit under cooked. Apart from some minor layout tweaks, the only new feature is the ability to mark an entry. The purpose of marking an entry...
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