Friday Links #105


7 Awesome CSS3 Techniques You Can Start Using Right Now
InfoQ: F# Now Supports Silverlight
Expression Studio 4 Launches Officially
A ToDynamic() Extension Method For Fluent Reflection - Dixin’s Blog
Scott Hanselman - The Best Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools, Power Commands and Extensions
Transactional File Manager Is Now On CodePlex
Rockford Lhotka - Basic XAML Framework on CodePlex
Practical OData - Building Rich Internet Apps with the Open Data Protocol
TestDriven.Net 3.0 – All Systems Go - TestDriven.NET by Jamie Cansdale
PLINQO 5.0 - An ORM for 2010! - CodeSmith Announcements
jQuery Globalization Plugin from Microsoft - ScottGu’s Blog


Windows 7 Folder Background Changer personalizes Explorer views
Apple Releases Safari 5
Hands on: Microsoft’s Windows Live Essentials rides a new wave – Computerworld
Make Your Own Free Multipurpose Web Page With Google Sites
Microsoft Security Essentials Finds New Malware But Avoids False Positives, Still the Best Free Option
Microsoft Offers Web-based Office Applications for Free
Code Contracts LiveTemplates for ReSharper : Developer Journey

Science and Technology

Automakers Reach Agreement on Sound for Electric Cars
Hold the salt: Engineers develop revolutionary new desalination membrane
Slashdot Hardware Story | BIOS Will Be Dead In Three Years
IBM’s Mote Runner Project to Integrate Internet Connectivity into Everything | Popular Science
UAE Announces Plans for World’s Largest Solar Plant | Popular Science

On the Web

What’s Truly New in iPhone 4 | Popular Science
Official Google Blog: Our new search index: Caffeine
InfoQ: Microsoft’s HTML5 Compliance Test Results Are Disputed by Google, Mozilla, and Opera

Stuff I Just Like

Toolmonger » Blog Archive » Preview: Axial-Glide Compound Miter Saw
Audi’s Electric e-tron Spotted In the Wild | Autopia | Wired.com
Make: Online : Amazing pencil drawings
Midge’s Mind: staples, push pins and packaging tape
Shanghai: 1990 vs. 2010

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