Friday Links #102


OpenWrap – A Package Management System for .NET
Final Release of Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010
Copying Files Over Remote Desktop
Ajaxian » Speech Recognition with Javascript; speechapi.com
Adventures in MVVM – My ViewModel Base – Silverlight Support!
Daniel Cazzulino’s Blog : A really simple ViewModel base class with strongly-typed INotifyPropertyChanged


ReSharper PowerToys gone OSS - Hadi Hariri
Redefining the Code Editor
Mozy online backup gets faster and goes local | Deep Tech - CNET News
Google TV
RAMMap - SysInternals
Sumatra PDF Free Download and Reviews - Fileforum

Science and Technology

Double-Bubble’ Airliners Designed by MIT for NASA Could Trim Fuel Consumption by 70 Percent | Popular Science
Video: Is Steve Durnin’s D-Drive the holy grail of infinitely variable transmissions?
Electric drive concepts for the cars of the future
Artificially created bacterium called a scientific feat - latimes.com

On the Web

Computer Algorithm Can Recognize Sarcasm
Google tries freeing Web video with WebM | Deep Tech - CNET News
Create HTML Signatures in Gmail with Images and Logos - Video Tutorial
Toyota, Tesla Team Up On EVs | Autopia | Wired.com

Stuff I Just Like

CompletIT – Home
You Built What?! A Real Iron Man Suit | Popular Science
Toolmonger » Blog Archive » It’s Just Cool: Lasers Zap Mosquitoes
Boeing’s Newest and Oldest Airliners Fly Together | Autopia | Wired.com

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