(Black) Friday Links #178

Yep, I was up at “Dark 30” this morning standing in line. My excuse? My wife made me do it Programming Roslyn Syntax Visualizers Glossify - Glossy remix of the jQuery Mobile default theme Share...

Update: Desk Drive 1.8.5

This update fixes an occasional but persistent crash when removing drive media. It doesn’t happen on most systems but when it does, it sure is a bummer. I could never reproduce this but one of...

Market Report Gadget Update

Google changed their feed on Friday in a way that broke the Market Report Gadget. The problem is fixed. You can download the latest update with the fix from the downloads page.

Friday Links #177

Programming Fluent Assertions ExportFactory in MEF 2 [Alok] Heikniemi Hardcoded » What’s new in .NET Framework 4.5? [poster] ASP.NET 4.5 - New Model Binding Feature Keeps the Web Form and Model Separate Asynchronous scalable web...

Friday Links #176

Programming Writing Better JavaScript with CoffeeScript: The Basics Mocking Frameworks in .NET Nuget Package Creation and Publishing Wizard Track Changes and Advance Scroll Mode in Visual Studio 2010 Mercurial 2.0 Released with LargeFiles extension C#/.NET...

Friday Links #175

Programming Implementing Programming Languages using C# ModelText HTML Edit Control for .NET ScriptCover makes Javascript coverage analysis easy Visual Studio 11 .NET Advances - Somasegar’s WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs Tangle: a JavaScript...

Friday Links #174

Programming Efficient Encapsulation of JavaScript Objects Serving at the Pleasure of the King Beginner CoffeeScript Terse JavaScript 101 – part 1 JavaScript++: New, Powerful Language for Better Web Development NCrunch for Visual Studio Introducing the...

Friday Links #173

Programming Keeping Async Methods Alive Into the Ring with Knockout.js | Nettuts+ Service Station: Authorization In WCF-Based Services Json.NET 4.0 Release 3 – LINQ to JSON performance - James Newton-King “HTTP Strict Transport Security and...

Touch a File in Windows without a Touch Utility

One of those annoying omissions in Windows is the lack of a Touch utility to update the time stamp of a file. There are dozens of freeware programs available to do this but what if...

Friday Links #172

Programming Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Quick Launch Updated TPL Dataflow CTP jQuery: » jQuery 1.7 Beta 1 Released Task Exception Handling in .NET 4.5 Converting a .NET DateTime object to a JavaScript Date object...
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