Friday Links #176


Writing Better JavaScript with CoffeeScript: The Basics
Mocking Frameworks in .NET
Nuget Package Creation and Publishing Wizard
Track Changes and Advance Scroll Mode in Visual Studio 2010
Mercurial 2.0 Released with LargeFiles extension
C#/.NET Little Wonders: The Generic Action Delegates
jQuery 1.7 Released – Event handling in a better, simplified and consolidated way
31 Days of Mango | Day #6: Motion
Three .NET “tools” that I use every day and you want to know about | .NET Zone
Metro Style Toggle for Windows 8 Developer Preview – CodeProject
First Stable Build of Nodejs on Windows Released
Useful Visual Studio Extension - Web Essentials from Mads Kristensen
ConcurrentDictionary Performance Improvements in .NET 4.5
After Developer Backlash, HTML5 Gets Its ‘Time’ Element Back


Google Adds Two Official Google+ Extensions for Chrome and YouTube Integration
2 Extensions That Improve The Speed & Functionality Of Google Docs [Chrome]
Google Adds New Feature To Google Calendar: Suggested Times [News]
Awesome New Tab Page Is a Widget-Friendly, Windows Metro-Inspired New Tab Page for Chrome
Multibar – An Eyecatching & Multifunctional Application Dock [Windows]
JetBrains .NET Tools Blog » Blog Archive » ReSharper 6.1 EAP for Visual Studio 11
Moment.js - A lightweight javascript date library
Features : VSCommands 2010

Science and Technology

Hubble Directly Observes the Disc Around a Black Hole | Press Releases | ESA/Hubble
Video: A Steerable Remote ‘Telexistence’ Robot that Transmits Sight, Sound, and Touch to the Operator
New Hybrids Will Pump it Up
The Ryno Electric Unicycle is a One-Wheeled Muscle Machine | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

On the Web

Adobe Launches Carousel, A Photo Sync Solution To Rival Apple’s Photo Stream [News]
Gmail’s new look
Google Introduces Suggested Times to Google Calendar, Makes Scheduling Appointments Easy [Updates]
Do Check the Google Homepage on your Birthday!

Stuff I Just Like

These DIY Flaming Rock Bowls Light Up Any Backyard or Patio Party
Former F1 Designer’s Tiny EV Gets 350 MPGe

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