(Black) Friday Links #178

Yep, I was up at “Dark 30” this morning standing in line. My excuse? My wife made me do it Smile


Roslyn Syntax Visualizers
Glossify - Glossy remix of the jQuery Mobile default theme
Share your Presentation Slides with a QR Code
Reducing JavaScript Code Using jsRender Templates in HTML5 Applications - Dan Wahlin’s WebLog
Ricky Leeks Presents 5 Tips for Avoiding Automatic Garbage Collections
SpecsFor - Simple, painless Behavior-Driven Development for .NET
Introduction to WCF Web API - New REST Face of .NET
Helper Code: Refactor “if” statements - functional programming style
Jef Claes: Rewriting an if


The Best Tool to Sync Outlook and Google Contacts
Google Makes the iPad Even More Compelling Than Android Tablets With New Search App
Better Than The Default: 3 Chrome Add-Ons That Claim They Do Things Better

Science and Technology

BBC News - LHC reveals hints of ‘new physics’ in particle decays
Report: Toyota to show driver-less Prius at Tokyo Auto Show

On the Web

Our Favorite Single-Purpose Web Sites That Do Exactly What They Say They Do
SignUpGenius Simplifies Planning Potlucks, Parties, and Community Events
Google Recommends 2-Step Process To Protect Your Account [News]

Stuff I Just Like

EV Drivers Adopt Solar Chargers to Wean Themselves Off the Grid

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