The Day the Trackbacks Died

Jeff Atwood over at Coding Horror thinks trackbacks are dead. From the article. They’re a great idea. Unfortunately, trackbacks are so horribly and fundamentally broken that they’re effectively useless. I would tend to agree. There...


This post tests Bloget with RocketPost2. Actually, this blog editor gave me a quite a bit of difficulty. Unlike other blog editors, sends the password as a base64 string. Not a bad idea but again,...

Maintain Scroll Position after Postbacks

This is such a handy tip! In one line of code you can tell ASP.NET to maintain scoll position on postbacks. Very handy for long forms. I’ve already incorporated into Bloget. See more about it...

Testing with WB Editor2

Testing with WB Editor 2. This editor looks and works better than many of the others I’ve tested with. It appears to use FTP to upload images instead of the MetaWeblog API (bummer). It supports...

Testing with w.bloggar

This entry demonstrates Bloget working with w.bloggar. Not a bad little editor. The setup could be easier. I still like Live Writer better.

HttpWebRequest GetResponse() Gotcha's

If you read the documentation for HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() you’ll see that it returns a HttpWebResponse() object. One of the members is Status that tells you the status of the server’s response. Fair enough, but there’s a...

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Released

This SP release is a pretty major service pack, and incorporates a lot of bug-fixes and feedback from customers. Included built-in with the service pack is support for VS 2005 Web Application Projects (which we...

Testing Ecto

Ecto is an off-line blogging editor. Testing to see if it works with Bloget. Looks like it does. I’m nearing completion of Alpha 3 now. I’ve added MetaWeblog support including the newMediaObject Api which makes...


The .NET runtime has so many features it is difficult to keep track. Just the other night, I need to write a byte[] to a file. I started out with something like this: using (FileStream...

Bush Administration Clamps Down On Scientists

Politics aside this is just plain scary. To paraphrase the great senator Daniel Moynihan, “the Bush Administration is entitled to their own opinions, but they’re not entitled to their own facts”. The Bush administration is...
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