Zeitgeist: Search patterns, trends, and surprises

Google.com - Top Searches in 2006


  1. myspace
  2. world cup
  3. metacafe
  4. radioblog
  5. wikipedia
  6. video
  7. rebelde
  8. mininova
  9. wiki

Google News - Top Searches in 2006

1.paris hilton

  1. orlando bloom
  2. cancer
  3. podcasting
  4. hurricane katrina
  5. bankruptcy
  6. martina hingis
  7. autism
  8. 2006 nfl draft
  9. celebrity big brother 2006

Ever been to Google Zeitgeist? It’s a fun an interesting view of search patterns and trends Google collects. The top search this year is “bebo”. What is it? Heck if I know and I’m suppose to be informed. Just proves that I’m over 40 and clearly not with it any more. I did recognize most of the scandals although I had no idea Christie Brinkley was embroiled in one (Billy, you should have kept her). Getting old isn’t for sissies but it does beat the alternative. Happy New Year!

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