All Electric Vehicles Appearing

Recently I blogged that the future of cars is electric. Here’s an offering from Phoenix Motorcars that drives the point home (Ok, bad pun). No word on the cost but if it lives up to the specifications I’m mighty interested. My only question is “Why a pickup truck?” There appears to a sedan model but there is little information about it other than these twophotos.

From the website:

Phoenix Motorcars manufactures zero-emission, freeway-speed fleet vehicles. It is an early leader in the mass production of full function, green electric trucks and SUVs for commercial fleet use. Based in Ontario, California, Phoenix Motorcars uses the NanoSafe™ battery, a non-toxic, all-battery solution to eliminate noise and toxic vehicle emissions that contribute to air pollution.

Green Fleet Advantages:

  • Zero emissions
  • All-battery power - NanoSafe™ production battery pack system
  • 100+ miles per charge
  • Speeds of 95 m.p.h. carrying five passengers and full payload
  • High torque: 0 to 60 m.p.h. in 10 seconds
  • Long battery pack life: 250,000 miles/12+ years
  • Off board charger: 10 minutes to recharge to 95% capacity
  • On board charger: 6 hours to recharge from 220V plug-in
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)-Certified
  • Available configurations:
    • Mid-Size 4-Door Pickup (SUT)
    • Mid-Size SUV
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