Tweetz 1.1

Version 1.1 has only one change. Clicking on an image in a tweet opens it in a popup window, centered on the active monitor, instead of the web browser. I found this to be much nicer.

So why didn’t I do this sooner? Well, because believe it or not there’s no standard way to open a popup window centered on the desktop in WPF. The default position is the upper left corner of the screen which is of course what everyone wants, right?

Seriously, check the commit log. I researched several online sources including Stack Overflow. I found many answers. None of them were correct.

And then there’s the issue of multi-monitor support. Oh, and of course you’ll have to take the different screen’s DPI into consideration.

This is just one of a dozen little subsystems I’ve had to write to support basic functionality. Spell checking? Save settings? Remembering the last window position? The list goes on and it’s stupid. Shouldn’t the operating system and application framework take care of these common tasks most applications require? It’s dumb and it leads to inconsistent results across applications.

Come on Microsoft. You can do better. Think about what developers need to write consistent well functioning applications.

P.S. I’m gonna punch the first person that says Universal Apps are the answer. ☺

<rant off>

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