Tweetz Desktop 1.0

Tweetz has been “finished” for quite some time now so I decided to call it 1.0. Not sure why I didn’t do this sooner. I use the darn thing every day and have so day one. It’s not the best or most full-featured twitter client but it’s quite possibly the least annoying.

While I don’t do much on this project other than maintenance, I do on occasion add small enhancements when they seem appropriate and I’m in the mood.

So what’s changed in this release?

  • Remove height restriction on images. This does mean that some tweets will take up more vertical space.

  • Add a donation link to the settings panel

I know, pretty lame for a 1.0 release but I’ve found over the years that users hate surprises.

I noticed that twitter has updated their API to allow 140-second videos. At some point soon I’ll add this capability.

Twitter has also announced a relaxing of the 140 character limit. It’s not clear to me what the rules are yet or whether there will be API support.

Availble at: https://github.com/mike-ward/tweetz-desktop/releases/latest

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