Tweetz 3.1.7 Update

updateA few weeks ago I started getting messages about tweetz login errors. Not having a Windows 7 machine limited what I could do. Since then I’ve found a way to run desktop gadgets on Windows 8.

Twitter is now enforcing tighter login restrictions. Again, it was an unannounced change and it blind-sided a lot of twitter clients as well as tweetz.

Once I understood the problem, I pushed a quick-fix out the door (did this on my lunch hour at work, don’t tell my boss). It’s also why there was no version bump. I know that was a bit confusing but, hey, it beat the alternative.

So now I’ve made the change official with a version bump. I also added a Danish and Serbian translation that have been sitting in my inbox for ages.

It should be no secret by now that I’m no longer actively developing tweetz. With the demise of desktop gadgets in Windows 8 there’s no incentive to develop it further. However, (dramatic pause), I have been working on a desktop version to replace tweetz. I don’t have a timeline on when I’ll publish it. Desktop applications are considerably more effort to develop.

Available on the downloads page.

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