Friday Links #250


SignalR 1.1 beta - Unhandled Exception
hmemcpy/Nancy-ReSharper-Plugin · GitHub
Chrome Web Store - Knockoutjs context debugger
Fiddler - The Free Web Debugging Proxy by Telerik
.NET Slave | AngularJS Intellisense in Visual Studio 2012
8 Best jQuery Clock Plugins (Analog & Digital) Examples
NancyFX - Implementing your own routing! – philliphaydon.com
Tiny, opensource, Bootstrap WYSIWYG rich text editor from MindMup
HTTP: The Protocol Every Web Developer Must Know – Part 1 | Nettuts+
Essential Reactive Extensions with .NET 4.5 and LINQ – Visual Studio Magazine
Why is the IIS default app pool recycle set to 1740 minutes? - Scott Forsyth’s Blog
What’s New in ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
Json.NET 5.0 Release 1 – .NET 4.5, BigInteger, Read-Only Collections - James Newton-King
Simple trick to silently fallback when CDN’s unreachable - Evangelism - Infragistics.com Blog


Grammarly Lite — Spellchecker Designed For The Web
Black Menu Puts Google Shortcuts in Your Toolbar, Is Way Better Than Google’s Menu
Create Stunning Visuals With Hyperlapse Photography & Google Street View [Updates]

Science and Technology

[New Exoplanet-Hunting Mission To Launch In 2017 Popular Science](http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-04/new-exoplanet-hunting-mission-launch-2017)

On the Web

IE11: what we know and what we can speculate - Generated Content by David Storey
How Popular Tourist Destinations Will Look Submerged In 25 Feet Of Water | Popular Science

Stuff I Just Like

Pressure Cooker
[Liquid Watch Turns Wrist Watches Into Futuristic Time Pods](http://www.bitrebels.com/technology/liquid-watch-type-3-prototype/)
[DIY cardboard rifle can fire paper pellets up to 25 yards | Ars Technica](http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/04/diy-cardboard-rifle-can-fire-paper-pellets-up-to-25-yeards/)

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