Friday Links #238


ParamQuery jQuery Grid Plugin
Using SignalR with .Net client - Ran Wahle’s blog
Web Dev .NET: The Magic of the jQuery 1.9 Source Map
Query Blog » jQuery 1.9 final, jQuery 2.0 beta, Migrate final released
Basket.js: A JavaScript Loader With LocalStorage-based Script Caching
What’s Hot in the World of JavaScript and SPAs? - Dan Wahlin’s WebLog
Select multiple form fields - finding a better solution for multiple selection
JetBrains .NET Tools Blog » ReSpeller: A Spell-Checking Plugin for ReSharper


Mega Button – Your All-In-One Solution For Google Chrome Settings In One Click [Chrome]

Science and Technology

“Superomniphobic” nanoscale coating repels almost any liquid

On the Web

The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video

Stuff I Just Like

gangnamstyle - PlayCanvas
How Paul Larsen Reinvented the SailBoat | Autopia | Wired.com
Happy Birthday, Benjamin Franklin: The Founding Father on True Happiness

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