Friday Links #198


Async/Await FAQ
jQuery EventEmitter – James Padolsey
Named function expressions demystified
VibrantCode - Blog - What’s new in Razor v2
Improving Find & Replace in Visual Studio 11 Beta
Make Async Your Buddy With Reactive Extensions
Stapes.js - a (really) tiny Javascript MVC microframework
Announcing YUI 3.5.0 » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog)
CSScience - CSS3 Responsive Slider / Carousel Using Radio Buttons
First look: Qt 5 makes JavaScript a first-class citizen for app development
Using the DebuggerBrowsable Attribute :: BlackWasp Software Development
The Big Glossary of Open Source JavaScript and Web Frameworks with Cool Names
Hidden Gems in Visual Studio 11 Beta - .NET Portable Class Libraries - Scott Hanselman


New features for Paint.NET 4.0 « Paint.NET Blog
CoffeeConsole: A Chrome Extension - Snook.ca

Science and Technology

Barnes & Noble Wants to Be Amazing in Bed, With New GlowLight Nook

On the Web

Books: Bits vs. Atoms
‘Software Engineer’ Tops List of 2012′s Best Jobs

Stuff I Just Like

Soft-Serve Beer Foam By Japanese Brewery Kirin Now Available In Tokyo (VIDEO)

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