Friday Links #172


Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Quick Launch
Updated TPL Dataflow CTP
jQuery: » jQuery 1.7 Beta 1 Released
Task Exception Handling in .NET 4.5
Converting a .NET DateTime object to a JavaScript Date object | Jason N. Gaylord


Encyclopaedia Britannica Now Fits Into an App

Science and Technology

Simulation Suggests There May Have Been a Fifth Gas Giant in Our Solar System
One-Third of Sun-Like Stars Have Earth-Like Planets In Habitable Zone - Technology Review
World’s first energy-storage membrane devised

On the Web

Five (and Then Some) Tech Tips for Travel - NYTimes.com
Amazon Introduces $200 Kindle Fire Touch Tablet, $79 Kindles, and More
Hands On: Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet and Cheaper, Smaller, Touch-Based Kindles

Stuff I Just Like

Try Before You Fly: How Dreamliner Pilots Train Without Lifting Off
Inside the Factory: How a Chef’s Knife Is Made

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