Friday Links #154


mvvm - How to architecture a webapp using jquery-mobile and knockoutjs - Stack Overflow
Announcing HtmlTags 1.0 | Joshua Flanagan’s Blog
Pinehead.tv | Category Archive | jQuery Mobile
avk/jQuery-Chrono - GitHub


Sumatra PDF Free Download and Reviews - Fileforum

Science and Technology

UPS’s Prototype Plastic Delivery Trucks Reduce Weight and Increase Mileage | Popular Science
BBC News - Nasa says Spirit rover unlikely to call home
BBC News - Laser puts record data rate through fibre

On the Web

Amazon Launches Its Own Mac App Store and Gives You $5 to Try It – Lifehacker
Official Google Blog: Coming soon: make your phone your wallet

Stuff I Just Like

Toolmonger » Blog Archive » The Greatest Tool Chest Ever Constructed?
Video: Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer Visits PopSci to Show Off His Chops | Popular Science
The Most Useless Machine EVER!

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