Tweetz 3.1–Beta 3

We’re inching closer to the next release. Current fixes include:

  • An internal error that could cause tweets to be dropped. Don’t know if it ever happened but the logic suggested it could.
  • Slowness: This one is really one of those stupid limitations of the gadget platform. The larger the DOM loaded, the slower it goes. And the DOM does not have to get very big to start seeing the effects. I’ve reduced the number of outstanding tweets drastically and purge the old tweets more often (every tweet update in fact). I’ve only been running for a few days like this but it seems to be much improved.
  • A new theme. A user sent me a theme that is really different from the other 3. Thanks to his coaching, I’ve been able to cleanup the layout and make it more designer friendly.
  • Several bug fixes having to do with replying/retweeting to the wrong tweet. This was actually the result of twitter changing how it generates tweet ids. They went to a 64 bit ids which was causing rounding errors (JavaScript has not ints and instead uses floats with a 53 bit mantissa). Fortunately, twitter also publishes a string version of the id which does not have this issue.
  • The timestamp format/from tweet footer has been made more compact. This should result in fewer wrapped lines and more tweet text. Retweet by has be shortened to “RT name +21”. The +21 meaning retweeted by 21 others.
  • A couple of updates to translations.

The feedback has been excellent and very helpful. Keep up the good work.

Available on the downloads page.

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