Friday Links #124


jQuery: » jQuery 1.4.3 Released
jQuery Mobile Alpha 1 Released | jQuery Mobile
Fluid Width Equal Height Columns | CSS-Tricks
Announcing Isolator++, and closing a TDD circle - ISerializable - Roy Osherove’s Blog
Ajaxian » MooTools 1.3 Hits the Street
Create a Shortcut that Quits Every Running Windows Program
New Components and Contributors for IronPython and IronRuby - Jason Zander’s WebLog
Create Sprites and Inline Images in ASP.NET
How Good C# Habits can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits: Part 3 – Function Scope, Hoisting, & Closures
ASP.NET Charting Conlrol, look inside - CodeProject


Mr. Data Converter
Sync Files and Access PCs Remotely with Windows Live Mesh 2011

Science and Technology

[Fermilab is Building a ‘Holometer’ to Determine Whether Reality Is Just an Illusion Popular Science ](http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2010-10/fermilab-building-holometer-determine-if-universe-just-hologram)

On the Web

5 times we almost nuked ourselves by accident
Hulu Considers Cutting Hulu Plus Subscription Fee in Half | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo

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