Standard Numeric Format Strings Output Examples

I can never seem to remember the format strings for numbers in .NET. There are several cheat sheets available but the one that works best for me is the examples page in the Microsoft documentation.

Format Culture Data type Value Output

C en-US Double 12345.6789 $12,345.68

C de-DE Double 12345.678 12.345,68 DM

D en-US Int32 12345 12345

D8 en-US Int32 12345 00012345

E en-US Double 12345.6789 1.234568E+004

E10 en-US Double 12345.6789 1.2345678900E+004

E fr-FR Double 12345.6789 1,234568E+004

e4 en-US Double 12345.6789 1.2346e+004

F en-US Double 12345.6789 12345.68

F es-ES Double 12345.6789 12345,68

F0 en-US Double 12345.6789 123456

F6 en-US Double 12345.6789 12345.678900

G en-US Double 12345.6789 12345.6789

G7 en-US Double 12345.6789 12345.68

G en-US Double 0.0000023 2.3E-6

G en-US Double 0.0023 0.0023

G2 en-US Double 1234 1.2E3

G en-US Double Math.PI 3.14159265358979

N en-US Double 12345.6789 12,345.68

N sv-SE Double 12345.6789 12 345,68

N4 en-US Double 123456789 123,456,789.0000

P en-US Double .126 12.60 %

r en-US Double Math.PI 3.141592653589793

x en-US Int32 0x2c45e 2c45e

X en-US Int32 0x2c45e 2C45E

X8 en-US Int32 0x2c45e 0002C45E

x en-US Int32 123456789 75bcd15

This gets me about 90% of my numeric formatting needs and there are links to custom format strings for when the standard ones won’t suffice. Bookmark the MSDN page here.

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