Simply Weather Update

I’ve updated my Windows Vista Sidebar gadget, “Simply Weather”. Many of you have sent overwhelmingly positive feedback on how fun and useful, “Simply Weather” is. The 20,000 plus downloads over the last month are also a ringing endorsement.

There has been a bit of confusion on how to reposition the gadget. Many gadgets can be moved by clicking on them and dragging to the new position. The other way to do this is to click on the gadget handle.


I originally wrote the gadget so “double-clicking” anywhere on the gadget would bring up a web page of your choice (presumably your choice would be a weather web page). By doing this I inadvertently disabled the ability to click and drag gadget. It still could be moved by clicking on the gadget handle, but I’ve received enough emails to suggest that it’s not a well known alternative.

With that in mind, I’ve changed the gadget so it can be moved with the usual click and drag operation. To open the custom web page, click on the location name at the top of the gadget. To change the gadget format, click on the current temp.


I’ve also updated the settings dialog to reflect the changes.


That’s it for now. Enjoy.

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