Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Yesterday, the family and I went to a really interesting little museum. Well, that’s what they call it but it’s more of an arcade.


I found out about this museum from an episode of Modern Marvels on the History Channel. It’s a collection of old-time mechanical (well, mostly mechanical) amusements. Some of them are just too funny. My favorite? Kill R Watt Challenge!

Can you take on the Kill R Watt!

Not the best picture. The idea is you hold on to the two probes while the mechanical guy taunts you and sends a mild electrical shock through the probes.

Some of are gruesome depicting torture and executions (not in a scary way however) while others are just plain odd.

Dr. Ralph Bingenpurge is perhaps the strangest?

He invites to for a drink and then pukes. Gross!

Torture and execution scenes were not uncommon

I remember this poster when from my childhood

Stupid, but amusing

I wasted way too many quarters on this one.

Simple but addictive


Odder still...

Not all the games are mechanical

Some are very intricate

I remember this one as well at some county fair

The place is stuffed

Some one actually designed this. Why?

Amusing in an innocent way.

Mecahanized music machine, cool!

More cool stuff

This one would leap out at you at a certain point. Got a lot of screams out of this one.

Jumpin Jackpot.

Not in my wildest dreams

Most are whimsical and all are kid safe. There was a mechanized music machine that was just a marvel of ingenuity.


In addition to all the arcade games, there is a treasure trove of old time circus and magician posters (Alexander, he knows all!). Lots of old time airplane models and other contraptions. Most amusements are a quarter with some of the cooler ones (like Kill R Watt Challenge) are 50 cents. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon with the family.

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