FreeSnap 1.5 Beta


Windows task switchers have always seemed more about the task switcher rather than switching tasks. For instance, the standard Alt-Tab feature in Windows XP and Vista provides thumbnail images of the applications. Personally, I can never make out what application belongs to what image and end up just trying them all until I find the one I’m looking for.

Then there are the animated versions like the one that comes with Vista. Again, it’s pretty to look at but it doesn’t really help me find the window I’m looking for any easier than the other methods. The Expose style switchers are a bit more interesting but again I’m looking at little pictures of the programs.

What I really want is to just cycle through the windows bringing them to the foreground one at a time. This is what the beta version of FreeSnap does in addition to all its other features. You activate the next window by pressing Win+Tab (windows key + tab). That’s pretty much it. No fancy animation. No glowing do-daads or other fanfare. And yes, it suppresses the 3D-Flip that Vista has since it uses the same key sequence.

As simple as this interface is it only works if you get it right. That means not introducing annoying behavior or activating the wrong window or doing something unexpected. Give it try and tell me what you like or don’t like about it. Interestingly, Windows doesn’t have an API for task switching which made this feature a bit of challenge to implement.

I’m also planning on adding settings to the “Help” dialog to manage the growing features of FreeSnap. As always, send me your feedback, good or bad.


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