Deskview - Changes your desktop icons from large to small

When it comes to computer desktops, most people fall into two categories. Those who keep their desktops virtually clear of any icons, and those who throw icons on it like a toxic waste dump. I fall into the later category.

Deskview changes the desktop view to the equivalent of Windows explorer’s list view. As a result, the icon density increases significantly allowing you to more stuff on your desktop. Here’s a couple of before and after pictures from both XP and Vista.



(original source: http://jimcofer.com/personal/?p=208)

As Jim Cofer’s article states:

I am not the author of deskview.exe, nor do I know how to contact the author of the software. I have no idea if this software is licensed, and if so, what terms are provided in said license. If you are the author of deskview and want me to remove it, or credit you with its authorship, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Deskview is the perfect compliment (IMHO) to Desk Drive, my automatic media/drive shortcut for your desktop program. I’m hosting the download here as a mirror to Jim’s site because it dovetails so well with Desk Drive. Deskview can be found on the Downloads page.

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