Friday Links #3

BugWiki = Bug tracking made easy - I’m using it for my projects. Easy and to the point. Free for single developers.

UltimateDefrag Freeware Edition 1.72 - I’m a sucker for cool graphics in defrag programs. Works well on XP and Vista.

Microsoft Source Analysis - Also known as StyleCop. Analyzes C# code for style rules violations. The default rule set is a bit too strict for my tastes.

Web 3.0 - I’m still trying to figure out what Web 2.0 means.

Consumer Power Exoskeletons - All you wanna-be Ironman guys (me too) will want one of these. Who you calling rust bucket?

Deployment Tools Foundation joins the WiX toolset - Rich set of .NET class libraries and related resources that together bring the Windows deployment platform technologies into the .NET world.

Intel 32Gb Flash - Intel’s 32Gb chip will enable more cost-effective SSDs, “instantly doubling the current storage volume of these devices and driving capacities to beyond 256GB in today’s standard, smaller 1.8-inch form factor,” Intel said in a statement.

Songbird Media Player - Open source player and platform from the Mozilla project

Add Wikipedia, Google to Vista’s Start Search Box - Great tip from Lifehacker.

Windows Vista Flip 3D Activator - Nice enhancement to the 3D flip in Vista that allows you to use your mouse.

How to Find Memory Leaks With CLRProfiler - Nice tutorial on how to get started with the CLR Profiler.

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