Friday Links #1

I’m moving like cold molasses this morning with this head cold. Still, the blog must go on. Here’s some stuff I found interesting this week when I didn’t have a head cold.

Programmers Don’t Read Books – But You Should - Jeff Atwood’s, “Coding Horror” is always a great read. I’ve read most of the books he recommends here.

Better Pull Quotes: Don’t Repeat Markup - CSS Tricks contains some very useful code, like this gem.

A Great Visual Studio Add-on You Must Have - I’ve used power commands for a while now. Seamless and useful.

K-Meleon: It’s like Firefox, without the bloat - It’s a little to light for my tastes but who knows, maybe you’ll like it.

Five command line tools to detect Windows hacks - Command line tools for the discriminating administrator.

LyX – The Document Processor - I still have my circa 1984 TeX reference. Still the best way to do book publishing. LyX is a combination of tools that makes TeX and LaTex a bit more word processor like.

Fax Documents Over the Internet for Free to any Phone number in US - Send unlimited number of faxes without registration, there are no ads attached to the fax sheets and each fax document can have up to 20 pages.

Understanding IIS7 Request Restrictions on Windows Vista - Just how many concurrent connections does Vista support. Answer, it depends…

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