DRM Free Music at Amazon

Jeff Atwood, the author of the fabulous Coding Horror blog, has a great write up about buying DRM (Digital Rights Management) free software from Amazon.com. I never bought music from ITunes simply because of the DRM issues. However, like Jeff, I vote with my wallet and buy music from Amazon.com precisely because it is DRM free. What cracked me up the most however was some of the comments he makes along the way.

You’ll get no argument from me that the RIAA and the major record labels are as close as you can get to pure evil while not actively killing small children, puppies, and kittens. Well, not in public, anyway. I’m sure they’d be charging us a trillion dollars per song – no, per byte of the song – if they could get away with it.

I like good writing and I like it even better when the author has the confidence to poke fun at issues without being tasteless. Something I’m going to strive for.

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