OS Smackdown: Linux vs. Mac OS X vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

There’s an interesting comparison of operating systems by from Computer World as described by four experts in support of their desktop operating system of choice. It’s an interesting read in that only one advocate has an unqualified endorsement. Here’s an excerpt from Preston Gralla’s view point.

If you want the best operating system available today, there is only one choice: Windows Vista.

You heard me right: Vista, the operating system that people love to hate. The system that has been blamed, it seems, for everything from global warming to the U.S. economic meltdown.

I’m here to tell you that the conventional wisdom is flat-out wrong. Vista is a solid, hard-working operating system that will run whatever software you need with simplicity and grace. And it doesn’t suffer from the world of woes that affect its competitors.

That’s a strong statement indeed but I have to agree with him. I’ve used the other operating systems mentioned and Windows Vista is simply better. For record, I run XP and Suse Linux at work. We also do testing on Mac’s but I’ll admit my experience is limited there. However, the lack of right-click context menu’s on Mac’s just makes me crazy. I suppose we all have our peeves. About the only feature I’ve ever seen on the other operating systems that I long for on Vista is Mac’s Expose (3D flip sucks).

I do think Microsoft over promised and set our expectations for Vista higher than was appropriate. Many of the really cool features like new file system never materialized and Microsoft deserves criticism on these points. But to announce Vista as unusable or less robust than XP is just plain wrong and smacks of ignorance.

I remember users making solemn declarations about never abandoning Windows 98. I don’t think many of us would look as those oaths as particularly creditable today.

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