Links - 2007-01-15

How to Argue Like a Jackass
Five easy steps you need to master to argue like a creationist.

Free CSS Layouts And Templates
Smashing Magazine has some nice layouts here. This blog generally contains high quality content.

Symbols, Buttons and Icons For Free
Again, Smasing magazine presents a very nice collection here.

MSDN - CLR Inside Out
Introducing the new System.AddIn namespace in the Base Class Library (BCL). This article introduces you to our APIs and walks through a sample application hosting add-ins.

30 Dark Designs You Should’ve Seen
More goodness for our friends at Smashing Magazine. This time they describe using dark colors Web sites designs.

50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006
As you can see, I’ve been spending a fair bit of time on the Smashing Magazine Web site. Great designs!

The Power of Defaults
Defaults are arguably the most important design decisions you’ll ever make as a software developer.

If It’s Not in Google, Does Your Website Really Exist?
Most businesses on the net get 70% of their traffic from Google. These business are not competitors with Google, they are its partners, and have an interest in driving Google’s success. Google has made partners of us all.

Scientists Struggling to Make the Kilogram Right Again
The kilogram is defined by a platinum-iridium cylinder, cast in England in 1889. No one knows why it is shedding weight, at least in comparison with other reference weights, but the change has spurred an international search for a more stable definition.

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