Bloget Progress Report

Well, the dog food just gets yummier and yummier so to speak. I’ve committed this blog to using the new Bloget engine. For those of you who have just joined us, Bloget is an ASP.Net blogging control I’m writing to manage my blog. It started out as a quick couple of ASP.Net pages and has now morphed into a full-blown ASP.Net server control. Like I said in an earlier posting, I’m having way to much fun with this project.

There is something about writing these Web controls that is really quite refreshing from my day to day applications development. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I can see how folks who develop Web applications don’t like application development.

I’ve added categories, fixed a lot of bugs, and cleaned up the admin functions. The list of features I want to add grows longer each day. I’m also learning much more about the blog space and what goes into writing one (from the development perspective). I never heard of a ping-back or a trackback until a few weeks ago. Of course, these are things I’ll add as time goes on.

I do intend to release this soon as a product. I’ve been thinking about how to monetize it. One thought is to have a free and “Pro” version with more features. Another is to limit the number of postings to something like 100 which would give someone lots of time to live with Bloget before committing to it. If I do ask for money, it won’t be much. Something like $9.95 seems reasonable. Any thoughts?

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