Bloget is Live!

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was writing my own blogging software. My first version debuted on this site about a month ago. It was a collection of ASPX pages and some code behinds. Bloget is my second attempt and uses a different approach Bloget is a ASP.Net server control. Installation is simple. First put the Bloget binary in your site’s /bin directory. Then add a reference to the Bloget control on your page, specify a file for the blog data and your good to go. Bloget does not use a database. It saves all data in easy to understand XML files. Of course there is an admin page so you won’t have to touch the files, but it’s nice to know the option is there should the need arise. I’ll be living with Bloget for the next couple of weeks as I tweak things and fix problems I encounter. After that, I’ll release it so others can use it. Let me know if you experience problems viewing the site. I’ll continue to post progress notes here.

As an aside, I found this cool site that makes emblems for free. Lots of fun.

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