TAB auto complete with wildcards

If you use the command shell in XP, then you probably already use the TAB key for auto-complete. One new thing (to me anyways) is that this also works with wildcards, so you can type...

Changing Build Output Verbosity in VS 2005

When builds go wrong, it’s important to know where in the process things broke. The MSBuild default verbosity setting in Visual Studio 2005 is set to minimal but you can change it by going to...

Bloget Alpha 7

Bloget alpha 7 is ready for download. There are the usual little fix ups and polishing here and there. I’ve also spent a bit of time cleaning up unit tests and running code analysis to...

Inserting Quotes in MSBuild Tasks

I’ve finally got around to cracking open the MSBuild documentation and writing a few custom scripts. If you program in Visual Studio 2005, you’re using MSBuild and like most things programming, its worth some time...

136,000 Hours of Dreaming and Counting

I’ve always been fascianated with sleep. I’m not sure why, but its one of the few human behaviors that actually interests me. I remember discovering a book in the University of Michigan Graduate library on...


The picture (use to) really says it all. SimpleWeather is weather without all the fuss and advertisements and endless navigation. I love it!

Publishing to Bloget with Google Docs & Spreadsheets

I’m not sure how long this has been available but you can now post to your blog using Google Docs & Spreadsheets. You can add your blog by clicking the Publish button. In the dialog...

PRE/CODE/TT Fonts too small in Firefox

Have you noticed how much smaller the monospaced fonts are in Firefox for the <pre>, <code>, <tt>, <samp> and <kbd> tags? There also a bit small in Opera. As far as I can tell this...

Adding Information to Exceptions

This is an excerpt of a post from Marc Brooks about Exception Handling in .NET. If you do have contextual information you can add to an exception, DO SO. Use the Exception.Data collection, that’s what...

301 Moved Permanently and ASP.NET

Yousef, over at My C# Corner has an nice article on why you should use 301 response codes to redirect your www.xyz.com site to xyz.com or vice-versa. In short, search engines might misinterpret the two...
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